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Welcome to Season 1 of the Inland Northwest Artisan Grains™ Podcast series! Join us in exploring the unique structure of The Grain Shed, a bakery, restaurant, and brewery in the Perry District of Spokane, WA. 

Loaves of bread cooling on a baking rack.
The front of a store with hop plants growing in front of it.
A person pouring a beer from a tap.

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A field of wheat.
  About the Podcast  

Welcome to the Inland Northwest Artisan Grains™ inaugural podcast series
"Unpacking the Grain Shed"

This eight-episode series features entrepreneurs, farmers, bakers, brewers, and other thinkers involved in the artisan grains movement in the Inland Northwest and around the world.
Follow along as hosts Ali Schultheis and Colette DePhelps unpack the unique and innovative model of The Grain Shed, a bakery, restaurant, and brewery in Spokane, Washington.

Explore The Grain Shed's artisan grain value-chain from the Palouse farms growing landrace grains
to the people enjoying artisan breads and unique landrace beers in Spokane's Perry Street neighborhood. The Grain Shed is passionate about using the best possible plants and methods to produce nutritious and delicious food that is good for the community and the environment.

The "Unpacking the Grain Shed" podcast series is a collaboration of
University of Idaho Extension, Palouse Heritage, and The Grain Shed.

Meet the Hosts

  Podcast Guest Profiles  
Loaves of challah bread lined up.  Photo Credit: The Grain Shed
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