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Podcast Guest Profiles

Learn more about the outstanding guests on each episode of the Inland Northwest Artisan Grains™ podcast series. The profiles are ordered by season, in chronological order.  Use the buttons below to jump to your desired season.

Season 2

Season 2 Guests

A woman and her dog sitting on the ground in front of a building. Picture Credits: Hillside Grain


Hillside Grain

Founder and Miller

Bellevue, ID

Brett Stevenson is the founder of Hillside Grain in Bellevue, ID.  She grew up farming her family's land as part of the Hillside Ranch operation, which primarily produced malt barley, before building a mill and integrating various wheat varieties into the growing operation.  Brett works hard to continue her family's legacy by incorporating delicious bread made with fresh flour into that story.

Hear more about Brett's decision to begin growing and milling flour in Season 2, Episode 1.

A woman smiling with sunglasses on.  Picture Credits: Bluebird Grain Farm


Bluebird Grain Farm


Winthrop, WA

Brooke Lucy co-founded Bluebird Grain Farms with her husband, Sam, in 2004 when they noticed how hard it was to buy local grains in Washington, a significant grain-growing state.  Identifying that this became even more challenging when looking for organic grains, Brooke and Sam began growing, milling, and selling their own organic grain varieties, specializing in ancient varieties of emmer and einkorn.  They are now supported by a variety of local, regional, and national customers.  

Hear more about Brooke's experience learning to market and sell grains to her community in Season 2, Episode 3. 

A man and a woman holding a child in front of a fireplace.  Photo Credits: Barn Owl Bakery


Barn Owl Bakery and Grayling Farm

Co-Founder, Farmer, and Baker

Lopez Island, WA

Sage Dilts is the co-founder of Barn Owl Bakery and Grayling Farm in Lopez Island, WA.  Sage began baking bread in the bay area of California, before taking her talents to Lopez Island with her husband Nathan.  Barn Owl Bakery started with Sage selling bread at markets and giving it away to friends, and now has a permanent residence at Grayling Farm.

Hear more about Sage's decision to bake and sell bread on Lopez in Season 2, Episodes 5 and 6.

A man driving a tractor through a wheat field. Picture Credits: Barn Owl Bakery


Island Grist

Founder, Farmer, and Miller

Lopez Island, WA

Steve Lillestol got his mechanical start working on airplanes in the military.  When he moved back to the farm, he transitioned to working on old farm equipment, making it suitable for the small-acreage plots grown on Lopez Island.  Now he uses his equipment to clean, thresh, and mill grains for people like Nathan and Sage, that are looking for local flour.  He is also a farmer, with Island Grist serving as a seed farm that distributes to other Lopez grain farmers.

Hear more about Steve's background in grains and mechanical genius in Season 2, Episodes 5 and 6.

A woman in a dress holding a baby. Picture Credit: Moon Family Farm


Moon Family Farm

Co-Owner and Manager

Horse Heaven, WA

Jessica Moon also worked as an engineer before becoming the farm manager at Moon Family Farm.  She does all of the marketing, distribution logistics, budgeting, and necessary paperwork to keep the farm flourishing.  She has also become an expert at completing certification processes and gathering the record keeping necessary to get their farm Food Alliance and Salmon Safe Certified.  

Hear more about Jessica's journey toward full-time farm work on Season 2, Episode 7.

A woman with blonde hair wearing professional clothes and smiling.  Photo Credits: Snacktivist Foods


Snacktivist Foods

Founder and CEO

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Joni Kindwall-Moore founded Snacktivist Foods in 

2016 and began making baking mixes that would allow her children with food allergies to be able to each delicious foods like bread, cookies, and brownies.  This tied in well with her desire to incorporate alternative grains-- such a millet, quinoa, and teff-- into the average American's diet.  By sourcing from regenerative farmers around the nation, Joni and Snacktivist Foods are working to create a more sustainable and local grains economy.  Joni is also the co-founder of the North American Millets Alliance.

Hear more about Joni's quest to further regenerative agricultural practices on Season 2, Episode 9.


Kit Schumann

Sea Wolf Bakers

Co-Founder and Owner

Seattle, WA

Kit Schumann founded Sea Wolf Bakers with his brother Jesse in 2014.  They began as a purely wholesale bakery, baking in the off hours of a local, Seattle restaurant. In their brick and mortar location on Stone Way, between the Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods, Sea Wolf offers bread and pastry in a space that is comfortable and welcome to everyone.  Kit and Jesse bake with practices of craftsmanship and local sourcing, acquiring flour from Cairnspring Mills and Shepherd's Grain.

Hear more about Kit's decision to be a baker instead of a carpenter in Season 2, Episode 11.


Jeremy Bunch

Shepherd's Grain


Spokane, WA

Jeremy Bunch is the CEO and Director of Research and Development at Shepherd's Grain.  He is a passionate advocate for no-till farming practices and encourages Shepherd's Grain's collaboration with surrounding research institutions such as Washington State University, the University of Idaho, Oregon State University, The Nature Conservancy, and other private researchers and scientists. Jeremy grew up on a grass seed farm in Oregon's Willamette Valley and worked for several years as an organic certification inspector for the State of Idaho prior to joining Shepherd's Grain.

Hear more about Jeremy's vision for the future of Shepherd's Grain in Season 2, Episode 13.


Patrick Slater

Crow Bench Farm


Orofino, ID

Patrick Slater has been involved in local food production in various capacities.  After moving to Orofino, ID from California, him and his wife, Janet Brewer, founded Crow Bench Farm as a pasture-raised pork operation.  After several years of selling  pork direct to consumers, Patrick took his skill of baking sourdough from his kitchen to local farmers markets. He bakes and sells his country rustic sourdough loaves under Idaho's cottage rules and sources flour from Lewiston, ID-based Harvest Ridge Organics and Shepherd's Grain. 

Hear more about Patrick's transition from pasture-raised pork to sourdough loaves in Season 2, Episode 14.

A man selling bread at a farmers market.  Picture Credits: Bread Riot Bakehouse


Bread Riot Bakehouse

 Founder and Baker

Salt Lake City, UT

Phillip Massey is the owner and baker at Bread Riot Bakehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He got into the bread business specifically to use and support the growth of local, heritage grains.  Phillip spent the last decade baking in various locations around the U.S.--from South Carolina to California and eventually Utah--where he now resides.  Phillip proudly uses flour from Hillside Grain in his delicious bread loaves, baguettes, and pastries and is passionate about encouraging customers to incorporate more whole grains into their diets.

Hear more about Phillip's grain and baking philosophy in Season 2, Episode 2. 

A man and a woman standing together and smiling.  The man has a spatula in his hand.  Picture Credits: Mazama Store


The Mazama Store


Mazama, WA

Missy DeLuc co-owns the Mazama Store with her husband, Richard, and the support of many members of her family.  Missy is passionate about providing local products at the store that they are proud of and would want to eat themselves.  The Mazama Store has long carried Bluebird Grain Farms' products and also uses their flour in their on-site bakehouse in muffins, breads, and other pastries.  

Hear more about Missy's role in taking over the store and revitalizing the bakehouse in Season 2, Episode 4.


A man and a woman standing in a barn with a table full of bread and pasteries.  Picture Credits: Barn Owl Bakery


Barn Owl Bakery and Grayling Farm

Co-Founder, Farmer, and Baker

Lopez Island, WA

Nathan Hodges found a hope on Lopez Island with his wife, Sage, after traveling to the island to work on a grant.  His desire for local, heritage varieties of flour to use at Barn Owl Bakery led him to begin sourcing and growing various grain varieties at Grayling Farm, and contract with other local farmers.  Together, with Steve Lillestol of Island Grist, Nathan and Sage produce delicious, seasonal baked goods at Barn Owl Bakery.

Hear more about Nathan's journey as a farmer and interest in heritage grains in Season 2, Episodes 5 and 6.

A man standing next to a machine with his arm on it.  Picture Credit: Moon Family Farm


Moon Family Farm

Co-Owner and Farmer

Horse Heaven, WA

Garrett Moon is a 5th generation wheat farmer in Horse Heaven, WA.  After a career in engineering, Garrett took over the family farm and began exploring different grain varieties that were well adapted to the low precipitation levels of Southeast Washington.  He then began exploring local markets that would allow his grain to stay within the local or regional food community, beginning a partnership with Ethos Bakery and Café in Tri-Cities, Washington.

Hear more about Garrett's farming philosophy in Season 2, Episode 7.

A man and woman sitting in the cab of a combine posing with masks on.  Picture Credits: Ethos Bakery and Cafe


Ethos Bakery and Cafe

Owner and Bakery Manager

Richland, WA

Angela Kora began Ethos Bakery and Café because of her desire to bring people together through food.  She began Ethos as a market bakery, and through the last 10 years it has grown into a coffeeshop and bakery where the community can come in for their daily bread and pastries.  Angela is passionate about creating farm to table food opportunities in the Tri-Cities, so she sources from a variety of local produce and grain farms including Moon Family Farm and Palouse Heritage.

Hear more about Ethos' development into the business it is today on Season 2, Episode 8.

GG Films- Kevin Morse IMG_0543.jpg

Kevin Morse

Cairnspring Mills

Co-founder and CEO

Burlington, WA

Kevin Morse was part of the group of farmers, economic development leaders, and bakers in the Skagit Valley that founded Cairnspring Mills in 2016. Having spent time as a farmer and an executive with the Nature Conservancy, Kevin combined his two passions of rural economic development and rebuilding food systems at Cairnspring Mills where they are "starting a food revolution built on sustainable regenerative growing methods that conserve soils and boost the long term viability of family farms. 


Hear more about Kevin's role in founding Cairnspring Mills in Season 2, Episode 10.


Jill Severson

Bluebird Bakery

Founder and Owner

Sandpoint, ID

Jill Severson founded Bluebird Bakery in 2019 after selling bread loaves at the Sandpoint Farmer's Market during the summer of 2018.  Jill has extensive baking and cooking experience, having worked in restaurants in Seattle, Alaska, and taken baking classes in New York City. Her specialty is laminated dough, so she makes all the pastries at Bluebird Bakery at their store location on the corner of First Ave. and Cedar St. in downtown Sandpoint.

Hear more about Jill's experience as a small business owner in a town that caters to tourists in Season 2, Episode 12.

20200805Odberg-095 (1).jpg

Eric Ogdberg

Odberg Farms Inc.


Genesee, ID

Eric Odberg is a fifth generation farmer in Genesee, ID.  After seeing the issues surrounding soil erosion on in the Palouse, Eric began exploring the potential benefits of no-till agriculture.  By direct seeding, Eric is able to plant new crops directly into the residue of the previous year's crops, which hold the soil in place druing the Palouse's wind and rain events throughout the year. Eric grows for Shepherd's Grain and sees this as an opportunity to keep his grain within the regional food community.

Hear more about Eric's decision to transition to no-till in Season 2, Episode 13.


Tanner Van Syke

Hillside Bread


Bellevue, ID

Tanner Van Syke took his love of ceramics to the kitchen, originally working as a baker at the Moscow Co-op in Moscow, ID.  From there, his passion took him around the Inland Northwest and beyond to Alaska, Montana, and ultimately back to Idaho. Tanner connected with Brett Stevenson at the Boise restaurant where he was baking when they decided to start sourcing from Brett at Hillside Grain. Together, Brett and Tanner formed a vision for the on-farm bakery where Tanner now sells bread and pastries to wholesale customers.

Hear more about Tanner's baking philosophy in Season 2, Episode 15.

Season 1
A picture of challah bread stacked next to eachother.  Photo Credit: The Grain Shed

Season 1 Guests

A man with a mustache and glasses standing in front of a tree.  Photo Credit: Palouse Heritage


The Grain Shed


Spokane, WA

Palouse Heritage 


Endicott, WA

Don Scheuerman is one of the four co-founders of The Grain Shed in Spokane, Washington.  Don is responsible for delegating the growth of all the landrace grains that The Grain Shed uses through his farm, Palouse Heritage, out of Endicott, Washington.  By contracting out with local farmers, Don is able to convert some of the beautiful Palouse land to more sustainable practices, preserving soil health for future generations.

Hear more about Don’s journey toward landraces, his cultivation practices, and the structure of Palouse Heritage in Season 1, Episodes 1, 2, 2.5, 3, and 4.

A man with a beard loading bread loaves into a wood-fire oven.  Photo Credit: The Grain Shed


The Grain Shed 

Co-Founder and Master Baker

Spokane, WA

Shaun Duffy is one of the four co-founders at the Grain Shed.  There, he is the master baker, who specializes in all things bread and pastry related.  Shaun came from the culinary world, and once opened a restaurant in Portland, OR.  After discovering the challenge and complexity that is good bread, Shaun decided to move to Spokane and begin his own bread subscription service.   At The Grain Shed, Shaun mills his own flour and bakes everything in a wood fire oven.

Hear more about Shaun’s culinary background and the logistics of baking with landraces in Season 1, Episodes 1 and 5.

A man in a white shirt and black hat, smiling.  Photo Credit: LINC Malt


The Grain Shed

Co-Founder and Master Maltster

Spokane, WA


Linc Foods, Maltster

Spokane, WA

Joel Williamson is another one of the four co-founders of The Grain Shed in Spokane, WA.  Joel is passionate about supporting regional small farmers, creating LINC Foods, and later LINC Malt, to facilitate the collaboration of small farmers.  Spurred by a love for home-brewing and a frustration over the lack of transparency among large malting and brewing companies, Joel began LINC Malt.  

Hear more about Joel’s views on the cooperative structure and transparent grain sourcing in Season 1, Episodes 1 and 6.

A man with a beard and glasses, smiling and posing for a picture. Photo Credit: The Grain Shed


The Grain Shed

Co-Founder and Brewer

Spokane, WA

Teddy Benson is one of the four co-founders at the Grain Shed.  There, he also works at the Master Brewer of Palouse Pints, the in-house brewery.  Teddy love for brewing began with home brewing with brother-in-law Joel Williamson as they learned the importance of simple, good grain in the beer’s flavor profile.  Teddy enjoys the challenge and reward that comes with brewing with landraces.

Hear more about Teddy’s brewing background and love for landraces in Season 1, Episodes 1 and 6.

A man in a navy blue polo shirt standing in a wheat field. Photo Credit: Anson Mills


Anson Mills


Columbia, SC

Glenn Roberts is the founder of Anson Mills in Columbia, SC.  Anson Mills is responsible for reintroducing heirloom and landrace grains into the culinary world, particularly within the region.  For Glenn, it all started with Carolina Gold Rice and his operation has grown quickly from there.  Glenn works closely with some of the most distinguished chefs and bakers in the world and works hard to produce flours and grains with great flavor for them.

Hear more about Glenn’s work with Anson Mills and the importance of landraces in Season 1, Episode 2 and 2.5.

A sign with a cow and the words "R. Appel Ranch."  Photo Credit: Google


Appel Prairie Farm

Founder and Farmer

Dusty, WA

Neil Appel is a third generation farmer out of Lacrosse, WA.  Currently farming his father’s land, Neil is passionate about building soil health through regenerative farming practices.  After no-til farming for almost two decades, Neil wanted to do more to build the organic matter in the soil, so he turned to organically cultivated landraces on a small scale.  Neil is currently experimenting with a variety of landraces grown with and grazed by his livestock. 

Hear more about Neil’s decision to switch to growing landraces on a small scale and his rediscovery of integrated agriculture in Season 1, Episode 3

A man wearing a tie and glasses clasping his hands.  Photo Credit: Palouse Heritage

Richard Scheuerman

Palouse Heritage


Endicott, WA

Richard Scheuerman is a passionate historian and educator who has literally wrote the book on the beginning of wheat production in the Palouse region.  Through his studies of the cultivation practices of Indigenous Palouse people, Richard became interested in the potential for landraces to get back to our grain roots.  

Hear more about Richard’s views on the historical context of landrace grains in Season 1, Episode 2 and 2.5.

A farmer chasing a pig.  Photo Credit: Spokesman-Review


Delong Farms

Founder and Farmer

St. John, WA

Joe Delong is a certified organic farmer from St. John, WA.  Joe was organic farmer #12 in the state of Washington, so he has been in the business of organic meats and grains for several decades.  His organic meat venture began with Sara Joe Organics, where him and his wife raised and harvested around 450 pigs on organic barley, corn, and wheat.  They then marketed their organic pork to restaurants and grocery stores on the west side of the state.  Joe is now focusing on raising various livestock and grains organically with Palouse  Heritage.

Hear more about Joe's operation in Season 1,

Episode 3.

A picture of a barley field. Photo Credit: Don Scheuerman


Heritage Farms


San Juan Island, WA

Jon Heglar is a farmer originally from St. John, WA.  Jon’s background is in conventional wheat production, and spent many years in the fertilizer business in St. John.  Finding this unfulfilling, Jon moved to San Juan Island to begin farming heritage grains with Harvest Heritage farm owner, Brian.  Jon and Brian are currently growing Harvest Heritage’s operation and integrating landraces, such as Scot’s Bere and Purple Egyptian Barley, into the San Juan Island environment.

Hear more about Jon’s motivation to grow landraces and their current operation in Season 1, Episode 3.

A man with dark hair and a mustache standing in a wheat field.  Photo Credit: Shawn Linehan


Farmer & Baker

Portland and Amity, OR


Bram Yoffie is a farmer and baker out of Portland, OR.  After discovering his love for baking good bread in France, Bram moved to the Willamette Valley to grow and mill the grains he would need.  He is currently working on opening a vertically integrated farm, mill, and bakery in Oregon. 


Hear more about Bram’s love for good bread and his philosophy behind baking in Season 1, Episode 5 

A man and woman smiling amongst hop vines. The woman is holding a growler of beer.  Photo Credit: Lone Mountain Farms


Lone Mountain Farms & Brewery

Owner and Operator

Athol, ID

Luke Black is an owner/operator, grain farmer and farm-craft beer manager at Lone Mountain Farms.  Luke’s calling is in the grain fields.  But when he’s not tending the fields, he’s setting up automation systems to minimize busy work and developing delicious beer. 

Hear more about Luke, Lone Mountain Farms and their unique farm crafted beer on Season 1, Episode 4.

A man smiling and drinking a beer.  Photo Credit: Bellweather Brewing Co.


Emrys Fermentation, Founder

Liberty Lake, WA


Thomas Croskey is a brewer out of Liberty Lake, WA who specializes in unique and historic beverages using ancient grains.  Thomas co-founded Bellwether Brewing and is in the process of opening a brewery and meadery called Emrys Fermentation in Liberty Lake, WA.

Hear more about Thomas’ brewing philosophy and the future of Emrys Fermentation in Season 1, Episode 6.

A woman with short hair smiling for a picture.  Photo Credit: Ame Evey


The Grain Shed

Food Scientist and Back of House

Spokane, WA

Ame Evey is currently a back of house employee at The Grain Shed.  After working with Shaun for several years, she decided to pursue her master’s degree in Food Science from Washington State University so she could learn more about the function of grains in baking and the different way they can be processed and fermented to create the best flavor.


Hear more about Ame’s story toward baking and her thoughts on the local food movement in Season 1, Episode 7.

A woman in a sweater standing in front of some horses.  Photo Credit: Spokesman-Review


Lazy R Ranch

Owner & Rancher

Cheney, WA

LINC Foods, Co-Founder

Spokane, WA

Beth Robinette founded LINC Produce with Grain Shed co-founder, Joel Williamson, in the hopes of creating a more sustainable local food movement for small farmers in the greater Spokane region.  Beth is also a fourth generation rancher and owner of Lazy R Ranch in Cheney, WA.


Hear more about Beth’s passion to create a more equitable food movement in Spokane in Season 1, Episode 7.

The logo for the Grain Shed with whole wheat berries in the background.  Photo Credit: The Grain Shed


The Grain Shed


Spokane, WA

Toby Carroll is one of the two chefs at The Grain Shed.  He enjoys creating dishes that highlight the unique grains enjoyed by Grain Shed customers by making homemade pasta and tortillas.  Toby utilizes his homemade pasta in the COVID-friendly takeout meals that The Grain Shed has been offering throughout the pandemic, such as in his popular lasagna. 


Hear more about Toby’s philosophy toward cooking with landrace grains in Season 1, Episode 7.

A man in an apron standing in front of a brick wall.  Photo Credit: Blue Hill Stone Barns


Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Market Forager

Pocantico Hill, NY


Andrew Luzmore has the unique title of “Market Forager” at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY.   Andrew had the opportunity to travel to the Palouse region and learn about the origins of landrace and artisan grains with Don Scheuerman and others through the James Beard Foundation.  

Hear more about Andrew’s experience in the Palouse and his key takeaways in Season 1, Episode 7.

A man in a chef's coat standing in front of a brick wall.  Photo Credit: Blue Hill Stone Barn


Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Chef and Author

Pocantico Hills, NY


Dan Barber is an accomplished chef at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY.  He has received accommodations from the James Beard Foundation as well as TIME Magazine throughout his career.  Dan is also the author of The Third Plate which focuses on cuisine rooted in seasonal productivity, natural livestock rhythms, whole-grains, and small portions of free-range meat.


Hear more about Dan's work with landrace grains, farmers, breeders, and the Stone Barns Center in Season 1, Episode 8.

A woman in an apron smiling and holding a spatula.  Photo Credit: Chelea Green


Writer, Teacher & Cook 

Troy, NY

Amy Halloran began her career in the local food movement as a farmers market organizer in Troy, NY.  She is passionate about specialty and artisan grains and their inclusion in emergency feeding systems.  She is an avid pancake lover and aims to make the most delicious pancakes possible with the best flour.  Amy discusses these topics and more in her book The New Bread Basket.


Hear more about Amy’s views on the future of the artisan grain movement in Season 1, Episode 8.

A man in a plaid short and baseball hat kneeling in a wheat field.  Photo Credit: Washington State University


Washington State University

Associate Professor of International Seed and Cropping Systems

Pullman, WA

Kevin Murphy is an associate professor at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.  Kevin focuses on increasing the genetic- and bio-diversity of cropping systems across Washington State through the development of new cultivars and implementation of ecologically-rooted production practices.


Hear more about Kevin’s current artisan grains breeding projects and their impact on the artisan grain movement in Season 1, Episode 8.

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