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Inland Northwest
Artisan Grains™ Podcast Series

A person in an apron holding a loaf of bread. Photo Credit: The Grain Shed

Season 1: Unpacking the Grain Shed

Explore the unique structure of The Grain Shed, a bakery, restaurant, and brewery in Spokane, WA. serving up artisan bread and landrace beer made with local grains.

Bags of flour stacked up.  The bags have the words "Hillside Grain" written on them.  Photo Credit: Hillside Grain

Season 2:
Field to Flour

Jump into the world of farm-fresh flour and how this value-added product is transforming farms, bakeries, and marketplaces in the region.


Season 3:
Grain to Glass

Follow along as we chronicle the journey of artisan grains and hops from the field, through the malthouse, into the brewery, and ultimately your glass.

A man standing in a field of wheat with a beer in his hand.  Photo Credit: Palouse Heritage

About the Podcast

Learn about how the podcast came to be, what it takes to create it, and who all is involved.


INW Artisan Grains™

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