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What are Artisan Grains?

Artisan grains are varieties of cereal crops that are differentiated from conventional grains because of a specific attribute that they possess (i.e. high nutritional value, regenerative cultivation practices, etc).  These grains are generally not grown for commodity markets and includes grain subsets such as landraces and ancient grains.  

Photo Credit: Barn Owl Bakery

Artisan Grain Varieties

As we’ve interviewed farmers, millers, bakers, brewers on the Inland Northwest Artisan Grains™ podcast series, we’ve learned about the many different artisan grains being grown in our region.  Scroll through the carousel to see the artisan grain varieties podcast guests are growing, milling and using in their bakeries. 

Cairnspring Mills
Palouse Heritage
Hillside Grain
Bluebird Grain Farms
Snacktivist Foods
Barn Owl Bakery
Moon Family Farm
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