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North Idaho

Community Food Assessments help us better understand our food system.
Learn more about local food in Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Shoshone, Benewah, Latah, Nez Perce, Clearwater, Lewis and Idaho counties of North Idaho.
We are continuing to collect Community Food Assessments from around the state. If you have an assessment or report from this region, contact Colette DePhelps ( to get it listed. 
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Values in Place-Based Food Systems

Exploration of Values and Agency in Place-Based Food Systems



This University of Idaho Inland Northwest regional study focuses on how values-based food chains integrate with conventional systems and how people working in place-based food systems navigate shared, compatible and sometimes conflicting values.

Full Journal Article


Inland Northwest Food Hubs

Capital in Context:  Funding US Inland Northwest Food Hub Development Before and During COVID-19



This study focuses on how 10 food hubs in the U.S. Inland Northwest resourced their start-up and development before and during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic

Full Journal Article


Farmers Market Economic Contributions

Estimating the Economic Contribution of the Moscow Farmers Market



The purpose of the study was to understand the economic footprint of the market, including estimating the market’s economic contribution to economy of Latah County, Idaho.

Study Reports and Full Journal Article


Local Food Capacity Assessment

A Land-Based and Spatial Assessment of Local Food Capacity in Northern Idaho



This University of Idaho study focuses on opportunities to increase self-sufficiency in the Northern Panhandle Region of Idaho.

Full Journal Article


Boundary County Food System Assessment

Using a SWOT Analysis to Analyze and Set Priorities for a Community Food System



A focus group session with local food and community leaders used a SWOT analysis to conduct a food system needs assessment for Boundary County.

Full Journal Article


Palouse-Clearwater Food Assessments

Assessing a Local Food System:  The Palouse-Clearwater Food Coalition Assessment Process



This case study demonstrates how a food coalition can utilize the tools in the U.S. Depart­ment of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service’s economic impact toolkit  to guide its local food system assessment efforts. 

Full Journal Article


Palouse Tables Project

Mapping the Community Food System of the Palouse



Appreciating the assets of the region was the cornerstone of this project.   Findings show how the physical and social landscape of the Palouse region is woven into the food insecurity issues of the region.

Study Report


Nimi'puu Food Sovereignty Assessment

Nez Perce Tribe Food Sovereignty Assessment 



This study, conducted by Ken Meter, Crossroads Resource Center, aims to inform and strengthen tribal food sovereignty efforts.

Study Report


Slaughter Facility 
Concept Design

Clearwater Economic Development Association & the Greater Palouse Meat Producers 2015

Commissioned by the Greater Palouse Meat Producers, this study examined options for USDA certified slaughter facilities that would meet the needs of producers in north central Idaho.

Study Report


Livestock Study

Increasing Prosperity for Small Farms Through Sustainable Livestock Production, Processing and Marketing 



This University of Idaho project examined whether increased production and processing of livestock for local and regional markets was a feasible economic development strategy in rural areas of northern Idaho.

Project Summary

Full Journal Article

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Life Cycle Assessment of Locally Produced Beef

Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Assessment of Locally Produced Beef in the Palouse Region of the Northwestern U.S.  2013-2014


This University of Idaho research study compared emissions from small livestock operations raising cattle to the point of slaughter with a system using large confined animal feeding operations.

Palouse Journal Article

Northwestern Region Journal Article

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Food Processing Study

Feasibility Study:  Latah County Food Innovation and Resources Center



This study analyzed the feasibility of a Food Innovation and Resource Center (FIRC) for certified food processing in Latah County, Idaho.  While the study concluded FIRC was not presently feasible, it explored a number of next steps and alternatives for a food-based Economic Gardening Strategy 

Study Report

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