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Listen to Season 3 of the Inland Northwest Artisan Grains™ podcast where we explore the process and partnerships necessary to get grain from the ground, malted, and into your glass. 

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  About the Podcast  
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Welcome to the Inland Northwest Artisan Grains™ third podcast series
"Grain to Glass"

This series follows the story of artisan grains as they journey from Inland Northwest farms, through the malting and brewing processes, and into our glasses.  Our guests include farmers growing artisan grains for malting purposes, local and regional maltsters, and craft brewers.

Each artisan grain story starts with the unique operations of grain growers in the greater Inland Northwest that are working with their local ecosystems and communities to grow different varieties of grain to be made into craft beer. Craft brewing and distilling opens up a new market for grain growers, that adds value to their crop and works to support their local and regional beer artisans.   By supporting local maltsters and brewers, they are working to produce great tasting beer with regional terroir.

Follow along as hosts Ali Schultheis and Colette DePhelps explore the artisan grains movement and why growing for regional malthouses has grown in popularity amongst INW farmers.  

The "Grain to Glass" podcast series is produced and released by
University of Idaho Extension.

Meet the Hosts

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